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Szilard Bernad

Szilard Bernad

Motor Vehicle Technician

I am originally from Transylvania and my favourite place in the world is my home.  I love that region with it’s beautiful landscape, hills, mountains and rivers. The village I grew up in is surrounded by high mountains and a large forest.

Back home everyone did most of the jobs they needed doing themselves. They were a self reliant community and so from when I was a little boy I learnt from all my family and friends the skills to make and fix things including cars!

I’ve always been really interested in cars and heavy machinery and when I finished school I worked with heavy machinery.

I like lots of activities such as football, cycling, skiing and walking in nature but these days I just tend to have the opportunity to walk in the countryside.

In the workshop I work as a mechanic.

I’m always up for new challenges – in fact I really enjoy them!

I have worked with Chris and his team for 2 years now and I have learned a lot from them not just about cars.  I think I’m a better human being after working with them!